The event

TEDxLundUniversity 2016 will take place at Hörsalen, Medicon Village

Time: October 20 13.00-18.30

Life hacking

The theme of the TEDxLundUniversity event 2016 will be “Life hacking”. Speakers have been carefully selected to give inspiring talks about how we can hack our lives in different ways to increase productivity and efficiency in all walks of life and improve ourselves in body and mind. Join us for an exciting, fun and inspiring afternoon that will change your life.


Confirmed speakers

Mehrdad Mahdjoubi

Mehrdad Mahdjoubi is an entrepreneur and the inventor of the Shower of the Future. Inspired by resource-economic space technology he designed the shower that uses only 5 liters of water, saving 90% water and 80% energy at the same time. Water is deemed the number one global risk in terms of impacts on economies, environment and people and with over two billion people suffering from water scarcity Mehrdad realized that water should be treated as a precious resource, not only in space but also on earth. With a clear vision in mind he founded the company Orbital Systems “To create a new paradigm in daily water usage”.


Farzin Saber

Farzin Saber is the founder of Cool Minds that aims to make a difference for our children and their future by letting them explore different topics and areas of interest to enhance their creative mind.  This is done by creating a platform for kids where they learn as they play. Farzin strongly believes that with new knowledge new dreams develop and by that better understanding of the world that we live in.



Sindra Petersson Årsköld

Sindra Petersson Årsköld is senior scientific advisor for one of the largest science and technology infrastructure projects being built today, the European Spallation Source (ESS), a pan-European project being built by at least 15 collaborating European countries. With the world’22s most powerful neutron source and custom-made instruments ESS will solve some of the big questions within life science, energy, environmental technology, cultural heritage and fundamental physics. Cross-nation collaboration will result in a facility that is 100 times brighter than today’s leading facilities and will enable researchers to observe and understand our world and universe better.


Ulf Ellervik

Ulf Ellervik is a professor in bioorganic chemistry at Lund University who has made chemistry a topic for conversation outside the laboratories with his books and educational TV-shows. In his first book “Evil Chemistry”, for which he won the Pi-prize, he took advantage of the dark side of chemistry to create discussion about the chemistry in everyday life. Since then he has published several books with different themes such as pleasure, love, evolution and eternal life. With the help of questions like “Why should you not drink Sauvignon blanc-wines on tiger safari?” and “Why do we enjoy good food?” he wants to make people realize that chemistry is important and fun.


Mattias Ribbing

Mattias Ribbing is a creative entrepreneur and author who want you to discover your brain’s power to radically improve your performance. With great passion and a background as an educator he has explored how to use your brain to achieve measurable improvement, both at work and in your everyday life. He has won the Swedish championship in memory three years in a row and was also the first Swede to gain the honorable title “International Grand Master of Memory”. Prepare for an entertaining and exciting journey into your own brain. How can you bio-hack yourself to become the best version of you?


Lisa Ekström

Lisa Ekström has over 20 years of experience in sales management and customer relations. She also has documented experience from highly successful change management projects. In 2007 she won “Framgångsstipendiet” – a price awarded to someone that has shown documented and extraordinary leadership results in Sweden. Lisa did so when turning SAS Customer Relations into a core asset for improving the way the company went about its business. Lisa was selected Speaker of the year 2014 by P&P, and she is a very charismatic individual with vast experience that she shares in a very inspirational way. Facts are combined with anecdotes and laughter leaving no one untouched.


On stage host

Lisa Kirsebom

Lisa Kirsebom is a journalist and natural scientist that works with different forms of science journalism and information. Besides report assignments she also does scene interviews, moderating, teaching material and text reviews. As a moderator she has worked in venues of all kinds, from auditoriums to a boat and a circus tent, on topics ranging from religion to tramways.




Music entertainment

 Students from Malmö Academy of Music performs with 3D-printed instruments

Lund University professor Olaf Diegel lends his 3D-printed instruments to talented students from Lund University Malmö Academy of Music and allows us to experience a music performance out of the ordinary.




 Jörgen Tånnander

Jörgen Tånnander is a flutist educated at the Malmö Academy of Music and at the Conservatoire Berlioz in Paris. He is active as freelance musician and teaches flute at the Malmö Academy of Music. Jörgen is a very appreciated “unusually humoristic flutist”  who spices up his performances with the unexpected.